District Cooling was commercially introduced in the GCC in 1998 and has proven itself to provide high level of comfort and reliability. This technology with its increased energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas has made a positive impact on the environment.

In the interest of district cooling providers and designers, DCServe is born out of the integration of district cooling products and services under one umbrella. DCServe offers system solutions in key areas: Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, Filtration Systems, Pressurization Systems, Air and Dirt separators and Balancing & Control Solutions. Armed with expertise in design, installation and maintenance and backed up by complete range of products, DCServe is the ultimate partner.


DCServe has played a major part in supporting the District Cooing industry through the Gulf region. We have extended the range of products to cover the infrastructure segment of the market through the piping network, the energy transfer stations and the hydronic distribution systems in the building.

DCServe supply, commission and maintain Sondex Plate Heat Exchangers, GEA Polacel Cooling Towers, Lakos Sand Separators, TA Hydronics Valves, Schiebel Actuators and Infrastructure valves from ABO, Proinval, AWS and other world reputed manufacturers. Our sales team has been trained extensively to offer the clientele engineering solutions leading to optimal plant performance.

As member of the Faisal Jassim Trading Group of Companies, DC Serve is backed by a well established group that specializes in the engineering, manufacturing and trading of building services equipment. DCServe has built valued partnerships with key customers that include world class MEP Contractors, Consultants as well as Utility Providers through its support commitment during the lifetime of their installation.