Claude Laval Corporation, headquartered in the United States- California, is recognized worldwide for engineering, manufacturing and marketing the original centrifugal action, solids-from-liquids separator. LAKOS line of products is created using patented cyclonic separation technology, bringing the best performance and value to customers. Building on a heritage of innovation for more than four decades, LAKOS provides the best in filtration technology in today’s diverse, growing and often demanding industrial sector as well as cleaning cooling tower basins and heat exchanger protection.

From the beginning the LAKOS patented design has been considered “clean technology”. Water and energy conservation as well as waste minimization are at the core of the family of filtration products that are manufactured and sold through technically trained distributors globally. Ensuring the most efficient use of critical and limited resources, LAKOS technology remains a key element of any water and energy resource management strategy.

Lakos Provides Effective and Comprehensive Solutions

• Remove troublesome solids from liquids

Extend the effective life of process equipment by reducing abrasive wear and fouling

• Control or eliminate waste liquid/solids

• Reduce downtime and maintenance

• Keep fluid systems operating at optimum efficiency

• Engineered compatibility

• Reliable start-up and operation

• Dependability you can trust

• Small footprint

LAKOS Separators use less energy than traditional filtration and offers options for zero water loss.