TA Hydronics

TA Hydronics is the leading brand and expert in hydronic distribution systems with experience in more than 100,000 construction projects worldwide. TA Hydronics helps clients optimise their HVAC systems by providing products and knowledge to deliver the right indoor comfort at the right energy cost.

Each solution that TA Hydronics provides has the needs of a complete system in mind and this approach ensures you get the control and reliability needed to deliver an optimal indoor climate with increased efficiency. It has its own manufacturing units in Switzerland, Olkusz Poland, Lunj Sweden, Slovenia and in Erwittee Germany. The factories are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & AD 2000 Certified.

TA Hydronics has also recently opened its latest Hydronic College Training Centre in Dubai. The centre is exclusively developed for installers, consultants and contractors working in the sector and educates how hydronic systems can be successfully designed, installed and balanced to ensure the ultimate in energy efficient and comfortable indoor climates. Also customers are provided with an opportunity to have hands-on experience in the fields of balancing and control, pressurisation and water quality.

TA Hydronics has launched TA-FUS1ON in 2013, a groundbreaking range of control valves that combine both control and balancing functions into a single unit. Together with the corresponding actuator, these new solutions provide absolute control over hydronic systems, allowing designers and contractors to correctly and effectively size control valves.

A key feature of this valve is the adjustable Kvs with inherent independent EQM characteristics, which enables precision sizing and optimal control performance for on-site flexibility and maximum energy efficiency. This eliminates the common problem of under or oversizing, making dimensioning of the range easier and more accurate, even after the valves have been installed, thereby enabling onsite adaptation to true system conditions.